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Welcome to Esentiel
A Mission of Care

The last twenty years of advancement in medical research and medical care has made it possible for us to enjoy better health and longer life. This also means a growing population of older adults that has special needs and care.

At Esentiel, we are committed to a mission of care that is focused on quality and safe products that recognise the special needs of the aged. Our products include Adult Diaper Rash Cream, Epsom Salt and Calamine Lotion and more in the pipeline. We are especially excited about our Adult Diaper Rash Cream which is a first of its kind that is formulated just for adult skins. Do check out the positive feedback we have been receiving from our satisfied customers in our “Esentiel Sharing” page.

We would also like this site to be a resource to share with caregivers who are taking care of aged parents or relatives that require special care. With this resource, we believe the physical and emotional challenges that affect both caregivers and care receivers can be alleviated through better understanding and support. Click on our “Sense and Sensibility’ page to view our regularly updated articles and feel free to write to us at sharing@esentiel.com

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